Come Visit Us

Community living is an important part of the yogic lifestyle taught by Yogi Bhajan. For the yogi, community consciousness is the bridge between isolated individual consciousness and creative communion with the God in all things.

Since 1971, the 3HO community has existed in various locations around Toronto’s downtown. In 1973, Yogi Bhajan bought a house on beautiful Palmerston Boulevard. The community has been based there and up the street at Guru Ram Das Ashram ever since.

The ashram is one of dozens of 3HO residences around the world. In traditional yogic culture, an “ashram” is an intentional community dedicated to the practices of a spiritual master. The Toronto ashram is unique in that while Kundalini Yoga is an important part of the morning routine and Sikh holidays are regularly observed, it is also home to individuals honouring a number of teachers and teachings. The common ground at Guru Ram Das Ashram is a sense of mutual support and respect—and adherence to an agreed-upon code of conduct that includes lacto-vegetarian diet, no intoxicants, and chaste and modest dress and behaviour on the premises.

Guru Ram Das Ashram has limited facilities for guests who wish to stay for one to three days. Guests who are as yet unknown to the community are requested to provide two references from the Kundalini Yoga community where they live and to write an email explaining their intention in coming. Guests are also encouraged to participate in the morning sadhana routine which takes place each morning beginning at 4 a.m.

Those who wish to consider a longterm residency in our community are usually advised to first find accommodation near Guru Ram Das Ashram and become involved in the daily, weekly, and monthly routines and celebrations that take place there. By developing personal relationships through service and inspiration, community consciousness naturally develops. Once an individual or family is known to the community, they are then naturally given priority when living units become available at the ashram, as they do from time to time.

If you would like to schedule a short-term stay at Guru Ram Das Ashram or would like assistance in joining our community, please email and we will be happy to help you.